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Isn't it fitting that you are exploring the NFT era with NFT Era? We know that NFTs seemed to have picked up a bunch of steam out of nowhere. Maybe you want to get involved to see how the industry fits in with your life.

Alternatively, maybe you just don't have a clue. That's OK, by the way. If there's one thing we love to encourage, it's taking the time to piece together the details before jumping headfirst into anything. While you can apply that piece of wisdom to any area of your life, the financial ones deserve double the focus. So, what can NFT Era do for you?

We like to make things simple, so we organized all the information you need below into a straightforward and short read. Before we go on though, let us take this opportunity to welcome you to NFT Era!

What Is NFT ERA?

What are we here doing? Is it that we're going to be teaching you all you need to know about the concept of NFTs and trading them? Are we going to help you access a platform for trading if that's what you are interested in?

Well, the answer is both no and yes. Are you confused? No worries, as we are about to clear things up. Let's start with the “no.” Realistically, NFT Era is not some kind of encyclopedia with a glossary of nifty terms. We’re not going to be breaking down every NFT element for your understanding. Additionally, we're not an exchange or trading platform either.

Don't run away yet, as it's time for us to look at the “yes.” While we don't directly provide any of these services, we can guarantee you that NFT Era is your best bet if you’re interested in accessing them. That's kind of our whole workflow here. Once you sign up with our site, we take a vested interest in scoping what it is you want where NFTs are concerned. We are very much aware that things can change, but we all have to start somewhere.

With the connections we have, we direct you to a third party that is best suited to meet your unique need. To clarify, we're not just sending everyone who wants to trade to the same place, for example. That's where uniqueness comes into the equation. While it is true that your interest may lie in trading, your risk profile and your personality may be better suited to one place than another. It’s our job to ensure that we identify the right one

Our secret is leveraging the power of networking. As you can imagine, supporting this kind of machine requires very reliable connections, and we have them in spades! We do have to point out though that even if you do want to get into the trading side of things, nothing is guaranteed. It’s a reality of the investment world. There’s a potential risk that balances out the potential reward, so don’t let anyone tell you that NFTs guarantee money.

Still, our contacts can provide you with solid insights to help you make more informed decisions. So, go ahead and sign up, as even if you are just here to learn all you can about NFTs, we can support you immensely! In fact, we’re starting you with some fundamental NFT information below!


What to Expect from NFT Era Registration?

One of the first things we told you is that we enjoy keeping things simple, and this kind of mindset translates to the form we designed to support our clients in signing up. There is not a single person on our team who likes to deal with unnecessarily long forms.

To take it a step further, how about we let you in on a little secret? We would not be too keen on cataloging and indexing a bunch of unnecessary information. So, we decided to ask ourselves two very simple questions. How can we ensure that we're able to identify our members? What kind of information are our third-party contacts going to need?

Anything that doesn't fall under one of those two categories becomes immediately discarded like yesterday's news. So, what you do get is a few fields collecting essential personal details for your account creation. Once you fill this in with the valid data, you must accept our terms and conditions to proceed. The choice to read them is yours, but remember that ignorance cannot be used as an excuse for noncompliance.

You then received an email from us holding a verification link that you click on to fully activate your profile. At this point, you can consider yourself one of the bright minds of NFT Era. Expect a call from your NFT expert of an account manager. This is the point at which understanding where your interests lie starts to take shape and it's complemented by highly sound guidance. It seems like a great offering, doesn't it?

What Is an NFT?

Depending on the amount of knowledge you've collected up to this point, you could either be getting brand new information or a refresher here. An NFT can be just about any digital asset that has gone through a transformative process known as “minting.”

Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds. Imagine that someone has created a new song and wants to turn it into an NFT. Since it would be in digital format, this is very much within the realm of possibility.

Note that the minting process simply qualifies the original piece of work as an NFT following some complex computational calculations and the paying of any associated fees. The resulting NFT then gets its own digital identity.

It is most certainly viewable by the public, but ownership belongs exclusively to one party. A blockchain sits on the back end maintaining records of ownership and transactions that may change it.

On one hand, the industry provides an alternative way to invest and support creators of certain kinds of digital assets. Note, however, that your intentions may not always be realized since the minting process and market entry can sometimes be financially prohibitive to initial creators.

NFT Risks

Earlier, we took a moment to talk about the potentially risky side of the NFT fence. The promises that come in the investment world are not unique to this industry. Maybe somebody told you that NFTs provide a key to some easy and guaranteed money.

If your source of information is someone who managed to invest in NFTs successfully, it's even harder for you to hear and believe that there is no such thing as a guarantee here. To put it into perspective, let's take a moment to look at what can make the NFC market risky. First, this is an unregulated industry. It's decentralized and purely driven by forces that are almost exclusively out of your control.

Next, NFT hype purchases can be your downfall. Some random digital asset may explode in popularity because of a TikTok trend, meme, or something else of that nature. You may buy into the hype, only to have it die down, and then you cannot resell for even a small fraction of the initial purchase price. Communication and identification can also be a slippery slope since pseudonyms are the order of the day here. We're not here to scare you away from using it. How smart would we be if we did that?

It's just to help you understand that this is a game of chance. Certainly, taking advantage of our third-party contacts puts you in the best possible position to make better decisions using solid insights. Just remember though that minimizing risk and eliminating it are not the same thing.

The Future of Ownership?

The possession principle is put in a particularly interesting position. Digital assets, especially in the video game industry, are often not owned by people who purchase and download them. It's more of a right to use a product than it is ownership. That’s why delisting and removing items from a digital library are possible.

NFTs have already demonstrated that they can change that. Certainly, this could make for a highly interesting future, transforming the digital market right before your very eyes.

It's way too early to say that any of this is going to happen for sure, but it's not hard to see the possibilities.

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